no more rescue

 have heard it said many times that we don’t need to save the planet. Now this is very subtle so hear me out. Is there a lot on our planet that would benefit from major change? I think it is safe to say we would all agree the answer is yes. Yet from what energy do our actions take place? On Sunday I fell into the trance of rescue. Yes, it was a trance as I almost slept walked into a disempowering choice. In my desire to “help” I almost inadvertently disempowered someone, placing them in the victim position, needing my help to make it. That of course puts me one up as the rescuer, kudos to me, right? I get to inflate my false self.
My friend Amber said to me recently that she no longer needs to save the world. Yet her very Presence is of the greatest service, lighting up all she meets. Yet she does this effortlessly, grace flowing from her fingertips like mana from heaven. Here is what I am getting to, yea took forever to move from head to heart and that is fine!!!!!!! It is the spiritual ego that wants me to save the world and inflate a false identity of worth and value. Yet Who I am needs no proof, no evidence, no behavior to EARN my worth. Can your heart feel that? Can you feel your inherent value, given to you at birth? IT IS NOT EARNED!
Ah Beloveds, may the nectar of our True selfs nourish our very being with the succulence of our inherent, God-given worth. Truly, you need do nothing. Yet the irony is, once that juice fills our hearts, all our actions will be inspired, flowing effortlessly with joy.

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