May we all Remember the Light we are, all ways

The energies of resurrection and crucifixion can rest side by side. How quickly our minds can take us to one or the other. Major hijackers to crucifixion are repressing what we are feeling or trying to pass inner turmoil on to another through upset, irritation, argument, judgment. Allowing all energies safe passage through us can lead to such heart opening wonder. While we are at choice every moment, until we survive the darkest night of the soul, the choice can feel challenging. Always remember our inherent innocence. Rest in that. Know you are, I am always the beloved child of God. This is our inheritance which can never be broken. Rise again Beloveds. Our bodies alert us instantly to where we are choosing the dark or the Light. If we choose darkness, merely choose again. Chose to roll the stone away from our own hearts. Happy Easter Beloveds.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor

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