Don’t feed the fears

So many are unaware of what is occurring and thus fear they are sick, physically or emotionally. Doctors are often clueless what to do, how to help. Please know you are NOT alone and by now everyone is feeling the intensity. Know it is happening to create a new earth and the energy is benevolent. Because i still speak with so many who have no idea it is not just them feeling like this, here are some common symptoms: headaches, dizziness, back aches, exhaustion that comes in waves, insomnia or long sleeps that feel impossible to wake up from, weird dreams, long periods feeling freezing or overheated, time lapses, inability to remember the past, inability to recognize people from your past, strange experience of time being fluid, forgetfulness, crying jags, strong emotions, depression, anxiety, irritation, feeling manic/depressive. These are just a few. Seek help if you can find someone how understands the current energetic field. Gather in community. Send love and compassion to your own discomfort and suffering. AS best as you can, dive in to deep trust.

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