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I am meeting a number of people for whom the ego is kicking up a major shit storm. That is the nature of ego, to kick up a fuss to persuade us to turn back. Yes, we love the part of ourself terrified we won’t survive the pressure. At least four times in my life, I thought the intensity could take me out of the game. Each one was the threshold to a major shift to liberation, freedom and peace. Each one required more strength and courage then i felt capable of. I am witnessing how those with no faith are having the hardest time. Most if not all were screwed over by “religion” to believe in a fearful, punishing God. Major B.S. So not the nature of the Divine. I became agnostic in my late teens and spent over a decade believing religion was the opiate of the masses. Took me some true effort to break away from that punishing God, me as sinner and still a play in progress.

Start small, join a group, read a book, be willing. Cry out in anguish and despair for help, listen carefully for an answer. For myself and many people I know, the deepest moments of despair lead to the greatest breakthroughs. Don’t try to go it alone. Join with a group, a friend and ultimately, I pray, with the Divine, the Mystery, God, whatever name speaks to you. I know many find no name speaks to them. To me, this must be corrected. I do recommend a major shit fit. The time of one of my biggest breakthrough was when I demanded, show me a way out of separation or take me out of the game. I DEMANDED, not asked. I said I would rather drown right now (I was in the ocean at the time) rather than continue to live in separation. It was not God who then decided to listen to me because i screamed so loudly. God is always listening and willing to answer our prayers, so hard to see we are not open to receive. It was my own heart that opened to my plea. Try it and let me know what unfolds.

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