false identification

Anything that limits us is false identification. I am noticing (currently with anger) how the medical profession can thoughtlessly “curse” people with fear by the way they diagnose people. I currently avoid going to the doctor because of their thoughtlessness. I know that ultimately I must face these fears yet I watch how many doctors can casually predict mayhem with warning you of your genetics or predicting the course of an illness. I was at the doctor last week for a routine test and the doctor’s kindness and humanity swept me with gratitude which I always express to her. I was at another new doctor; I wished only a skin check up yet the way he treated me as a medical object that did or did not fit certain parameters was less than comfortable. I felt like a box he needed to check off as he cya’d me (cover your (legal, liability) ass). Yes, he is also a gift showing me where I have fears not yet surrendered.
I came to this realization over two years ago when I finally stopped seeing the energy most identify as “anxiety” as a curse that would always follow me. I learned to stop calling it anything and just ride the wave of energy. Same with “overwhelm.” I even prefer to never use these words and don’t in my own mind, only using them to explain to others. These words like depression, cancer, heart attack, poverty and so on call down a whole history, locking us into seeing a real problem that needs to be solved. When I learned to just embrace the energy as it arose without identification, it passed much more quickly and I was restored to my True identity of peace. As I embrace Christ consciousness more fully, I release more subtle layers of false identification.

I would say as Christ consciousness but close enough.

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