leaving the gravitational field of ego

As the ego unravels, it is easy to blame ourselves for doing something wrong when it seems to take longer than we think it should. So not true. The closer we come to the core false belief, the more the ego ramps it up, trying to convince us to turn back, do not look behind that curtain, I am real, there is no escape. What B.S. I always think of the movie “Gravity” when she reenters the earth’s atmosphere. The pressure can get intense and the body screams, “I am real, listen to me!” Instead, hang on to your heart.
One of my old core misbeliefs had a hold of me last night. A situation was telling me all was not well and I was in doodoo. It sure seemed real and my body responded accordingly with a racing heart and a spine that felt like it could snap. I kept asking to be restored to right-mindedness, asking my buddy Jeez (otherwise known as Jesus yet my Catholic upbringing won’t let me go there) to pull me back to Truth, to Trust, to Myself. That and a hot Epson salt bath did the trick. Yea, bit blurry eyed when the alarm jolted me from sleep. Insomnia taught me to have no opinion about how much I do or do not sleep. Usually, by midday I am alert but if not, all is still well. Big hugs as we pass through the gravity field of the ego. Simple, not easy. Some assembly required. W can not sit around and pray we will get free, we need to do the inner work which eventually becomes play because the scent of freedom fills our being.

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