to parents

Beloved Parents,
I know now is often not an easy time to be a parent. With the stresses of work, time, responsibilities, conditioning, homework, feeding and clothing, it takes great mastery to be a loving parent. I thank you for your commitment and send you my blessings. May you discover, recover, uncover, the energy to stay grounded and in love with your children, whatever arises. May you remain in harmony with your beloved children. Many of these children are coming in as powerhouses who know what they want. Too often this is being diagnosed as defiance and this and so many other challenges are being medicated while the underlying dynamic is not resolved. There are no easy answers. I just offer my prayers that all parents and children get the love, support, encouragement, energy, attention we all deserve.
I was deeply saddened to hear of several children I know who are being medicated. I know so many parents are at the end of their rope. May we all find the deep rest we need. For me coming into harmony with my daughter after integrating so many inharmonious energies that at one time threatened our relationship and created discord is one of the things I am most proud and grateful for. To live in a home environment of unconditional love was one of my most reverent dreams. To have realized this vision and live it daily brings me the greatest joy. May we all live in unconditional love; it truly is the answer to every question.


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