My daughter Ciela is one of the primary motivations for my waking up. She was born, as all children are, trailing clouds of glory. When I first stared into her eyes, I saw heaven and I have never been the same. She forever altered the dimensions of my heart. For years, I felt linked to the unconditional love she was emanating. It was my longest experiences of such nourishing love. My body relaxed as I received such a profound reciprocal love. For years, the sense of separation that had haunted me most of my life was gone. It was one of the greatest treasures I have ever known. As her ego started to develop slowly at age two and more rapidly at age five, it was clear that I had to claim my own Divinity and stop borrowing hers. As she grew older and I felt my wide open heart begin to creep closed again I made a vow to keep my heart open, not only with her but with life. That vow has taken me to unexpected places, dark caves, slimy bogs, infinite grandeur and ultimately back in love with myself. My love for my daughter has been the true North that has guided me back Home to my own heart, a priceless gift without measure.

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