Understanding the Energy of Love

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Self Love is one of the most critical aspects of love. We are trained from an early age to doubt and criticize ourselves. Religion teaches us to search for our sins. Education often morphs us to societies goals and grades us on how well we can perform. We must restore ourselves to the Love that we are. See self Love page for more.


It is what it is. This simple fact can cause so much resistance within, despite the futility and suffering created by that inner no. At the best of times, we can simply allow our experience to be what is, arising in the moment, and we say yes to it. When the suffering feels insurmountable, we simply survive it. When we can recognize that all experiences are here to lead us Home, life becomes more graceful.

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By being in nature and by taking time to focus on our breath, we can begin to S L O W   D O W N which lets our bodies gradually begin to relax and then recognize they are safe. Moving more slowly whenever possible helps us relax our nervous system so that the heart feels safe enough to open up. Time in nature connecting to Gaia helps us ground ourselves. Then we can enter the present moment, knowing all is well.

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When we experience someone or something as hurting us, we allow our feelings of pain and suffering to arise in the body, just witnessing them and riding the energy of release as our cellular memory is restructured. When we are ready, we can forgive them and remove the poisonous energies from our own field. Gradually, we come to understand there was nothing to forgive. We allow this process to unfold in its own timing, realizing that many of the higher Truths will only be understood as our consciousness naturally evolves.  Gratitude can initially feel like a spiritual should on our “to do” list. It may feel foreign, yet as the body relaxes, gratitude spontaneously arises and is accepted by the subconscious as familiar and thus genuine feelings of appreciation blossom.


To surrender, we recognize a Mystery far greater then we can imagine that knows exactly how to best restore us to our Essence as Love with the accompanying joy, bliss, and freedom in addition to improved life circumstances. We take our hands off the steering wheel, release control and connect to an energy that rules the entire Universe, allowing it to guide us Home.

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When the Guest is being searched for,
it is the intensity of the longing for the Guest that does all the work.
Look at me, and you will see a slave of that intensity


                                              The missing ingredient that may take a long time to uncover.
                                              Guilt never serves us, shame and blame cripple us, slowly                                                           we re-discover our own incorruptible innocence.