Here are some of my favorite tools, in no particular order.

❤❤❤❤ My very favorite is to repeat to myself “I love you” to any part of myself that is afraid, discouraged, lost, lonely, desperate. This is a tool from Matt Kahn’s work which can be found at I find all of his information extremely helpful.

❤❤❤❤ For me there are four primary steps on the path. To love ourselves, to be able to ride the waves of energy and FEEL them in our bodies while not attaching to a particular story or outcome, to release limiting beliefs that keep us locked in the old false identity and finally to move beyond the duality of loving oneself to BEING oneself, to KNOWING our true identify as Love itself. As we approach this step we move beyond a primary focus on a defective sense of self as a problem to be solved and being to share from a sense of unity. We thrive in serving the collective, in looking beyond the needs of just ourself and our loved ones. We feel the oneness of being a human being, connected to all of life. This for me is a road map of the journey of REMEMBERING. The most important tool is to remember who you truly are, your own inherent nature of divinity, of love. All the tools are just ways of getting back to our own fundamental, intrinsic nature. This is a moment to moment choice to chose love or fear. All other tools are designed to support us in making that choice.


❤❤❤ Two excellent post on the process of returing to inner freedom, peace, joy and love, free of fear. Both are similar to the work I do:

❤❤❤ASKING THE BEST QUESTIONS Matt Kahn. An answer offers you a chance to exist however your questions frame you to be. This means life often provides you with experiences that are solely dependent upon how you choose to view yourself in the questions you ask. Lower vibrational experiences unfold whenever fixated on a question of why, just as the miraculous grace of high vibrational experiences blossom into being whenever asking a question of how. For example, the question, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?” invites life to offer you experiences to substantiate the idea that you aren’t liked. Even if around those who like you, it will seem to you as if you are viewed by others in whatever way keeps such a question in-tact. Conversely, asking the question, “How is it possible that I am this amazing, healthy, fulfilled, radiant, inspired, prosperous, and blessed?” allows life to offer experiences that confirm how amazing, healthy, fulfilled, radiant, inspired, prosperous, and blessed you already are. As a practice, pinpoint 1-3 adjectives that celebrate the highest experiences you wish to discover. Then add them into the following sentence: “How is it possible that I am this ___, ____, and ____?” Repeat it to yourself throughout the day as often as possible, especially in the aftermath of being triggered to discover a 5th dimensional way to rewrite your subconscious mind. As your subconscious mind is rewritten, you invite the Universe to welcome a brand-new frontier of creations into your reality. It also reveals the deepest answer to not be a conclusion or concept of any kind, but the discovery of a well-framed question.

❤ ACCEPTING ONESELF UNCONDITIONALLY -I accept myself unconditionally RIGHT NOW- practice I (Savannah) had the delightful experience of visiting my Way of Mastery group on Monday. I was bathed with a delicious nectar of love which lifted me out of a mini bog fog. While there, we were offered a simple practice to greatly benefit our lives and I would like to pass it on to you. It will take you less than 30 seconds, twice a day for thirty days. Total time about half an hour. Are you worth it to increase your self love and thus joy? I am on day two so I’d love to have you join me. Write on a piece of paper : I ACCEPT MYSELF  UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW Tape it to your mirror. Twice a day, morning and night, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say: I ACCEPT MYSELF  UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW That’s it. Easy peazy. I recommend marking it on a calendar or piece of paper with 30 squares so you don’t forget and skip any days. Our mentor Karl said for the first 28 days everything you dislike about yourself might arise and this process may not feel delicious. Yet stick with it. Expect a miracle and see what happens. He said there is a shift around day 28. Self love is a priceless gift, one that will reaps more rewards than you can imagine. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose except self hatred.

RELEASING FEAR Stand before a mirror or hold a mirror in your hand and gaze into this mirror as you bring into your mind that which you most fear. Just as we have taught you to fill your body with Light, I now ask you to allow this fear to build as you create and imagine the worst scenario possible that has to do with this fear. Feel it begin to permeate your body, feel it especially in your heart and solar power center, as you move your consciousness throughout your body and feel the restriction, the stress, the crippling energy creep in and permeate your Being. Now look into your own eyes, see the pain, study your facial expression as it changes and ages. Feel the pressure build until you know you can tolerate no more. Now, Beloved Masters, take several deep breaths as you move deeper and deeper into your Sacred Heart Center and draw forth the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God from within your Diamond Core God Cell – a precious gift that is always available to assist you through every trial and test. Call upon your OverSoul-Self to fill you with the healing frequencies of the Violet Flame, and with all your senses become aware as this wondrous gift pours through and around you. Can you hold on to the fear or does it dissolve into nothingness as this magic elixir of loving energy permeates your Being? Again, look in the mirror and see how soft your eyes have become; how youthful is your countenance. Feel the expansion in your heart and the release of the stress and strain within your body and muscular structure. Fear cannot exist where there is Light – where there is Love… Breathe in the gift of life – breathe deeply of the Essence of Creation that is being offered to you. When you are in fear, you restrict and cut off the flow of the Pranic substance of life. This may seem like a drastic exercise, but in truth it is a great gift, for many of you cannot progress until you face yourself in the mirror, and allow your fears to be reflected back to you. You will become aware that the fear does not originate “out there,” but from within. … Do not always express or project your emotions toward others. Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but first analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. Speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. This is the way of a Master

RADICAL FORGIVENESS As an awakening light worker on the front lines of ushering humanity into a new paradigm of consciousness, please read the following prayer however many times a day you are either inspired to support in Earth’s evolution or find yourself entrenched in the pain of human suffering. In the blank space provided, you can include the name of an enemy, an adversary from the past, a family member connected to a wound you have yet to heal, a loved one struggling through their own healing journey, your full name, the name of a country at war, or even humanity at large: “I allow the soul (s) of ______ to be pardoned and set free now as I AM.” Please do not judge yourself for the amount of times per day you find yourself needing to repeat it. Instead, see yourself through the eyes of the Universe and rejoice in how often you are acting in accordance with your soul’s highest wisdom to transform reality for the liberation of all. Through the prayer of radical forgiveness, may you step forward in faith and bring to life a frequency of light that you came here to ignite in every heart. May your destiny be viewed, not as a destination of preferred circumstances, but as opportunities to act upon life’s most inspired choices that transforms your physical body into a living expression of Divinity in action. One prayer of radical forgiveness or “I love you” at a time, the Ascension of Earth that already occurred the moment life was created, actualizes into present moment time, so we can remember the Heaven that is already here – now and forever, together as One.

Here are the three questions about soul purpose, regrettably I do not have the source: There are three questions, or pathways, that lead to your life’s calling. The first is the question, “What would I want to do if I knew I was good enough, could do anything, and already had all the money in the world? I call this the Pathway of Joy. (Follow your bliss). The second is the question, “What pain or injustice is going on in the world that I simply must do something about in order to feel that I’m making a difference.” I call this the pathway of Alleviating Suffering (Follow your conscience). The third question is, “What abuse, wounding, or misfortune have I experienced in my past that I want to heal from, and how can I help others who have gone through or are going through similar suffering? I call this the pathway of Healing Self By Helping Others (Follow Your Wounds).

AWAKENING COURSE 33 day online self study course to support one in returning to their true nature, offered by University of Santa Monica

INCREASE SELF LOVE donation based course to increase self love Also from Jennifer these tools of self love: Be kind to self Take self love time every day do something feels good; write by bed, what felt good, made self love time, acknowledge might be scary and that’s ok Be Kind to self .Write down what gives pleasure, make list Write at end of day what did feel good, actions taken self loving

❤ Whenever an uncomfortable feeling arises, stop and feel it, then say to yourself, “….. (name the emotion such as anger, sadness, grief, rage, unworthiness, self hatred) I see you, I hear you I acknowledge you.” This deceptively simple exercise will go far to help your emotions feel accepted. That is what they are hungry for.  An example: “fear, I see you (pause and look inside), I hear you (pause and listen to what your feelings are telling you), I acknowledge you (pause and realize the emotion is arising and needs your loving attention. Ask, what can I do to support you, what do you need, how may I bring comfort to you and see if there is any answer. It is fine if nothing comes forward, simply asking is so helpful and supportive.

❤❤❤ Recognize our most difficult emotions are the ones most in need of our love. How many of us heard directly or indirectly in childhood, “I will love you when you act differently” even though we had no clue how to act differently. Yet we say this to ourselves repeatedly, trying to make ourselves feel and act differently rather then accept this IS how we feel and allow ourselves to FEEL those emotions arise IN OUR BODIES, while welcoming them as best we can.

❤❤❤ Recognize that any time you are not relaxed, any time you feel discomfort it is a red flag to let you know some aspect of your being needs your attention. As soon as you can, bring your loving attention to YOURSELF. Feel what you are feeling and then ask yourself, what does this part of me need, how can I befriend this part of myself that is so angry, afraid, lost, confused? Use the discomfort to be a signal that it is time for some self love and cuddles. (slightly different then the tools above, see what words, tools, practice work for YOU. I am deliberately repeating some key tools in slightly different variations.) 

❤❤❤ Learn to meditate. You can join a group or practice on your own. If you wish to begin on  your own, you can simply focus on your breath either noticing it come in and out of your nostrils or feeling the belly rising and falling. With each breath you can say to yourself  internally, inhaling, exhaling. Ot you can count your breaths up to ten and then back down to one. If the mind is active, do not judge it or make it wrong, merely notice it and return to the breath. I learned by studying Vipassana which is another option you can explore.