on relationships

On relationships:

Many relationships are in turmoil right now. The age old solution for pain is to try to pass the hot potato of suffering to another, ro see the other as the source of our problems rather then looking within. Sometimes relationships limp along for decades without them supporting either person’s heart; these relationships are coming up for review. Even our relationship to the challenge of transmutation is up. We can curse the energetic times that require us to release excess baggage or we can see them as a gift, a miracle sometimes forcing us crawling to let go of what has not served us for a very long time.
Last night I was able to witness one of the miracles the latest upgrades has bestowed on me. I had just witnessed a very sad situation and was not feeling fully in balance. I then had to deal with a complicated situation that was in support of a loved one. When I spoke to the loved one about the details, I slipped in an old limiting belief of mine. She got very angry and “attacked” me. In the past I would have felt so sad and even victimized. I had shared that I was integrating a challenging situation I had just participated in and wasn’t feeling myself. She was having none of it. Before I would have been really hurt by her apparent lack of compassion. Now i saw it radically different. I saw she was supporting me in letting go of my old baggage, letting go of that limiting belief I have carried so long. She was calling me forward to my highest Self! What a shift! I won’t kid you, I was not jumping for joy. I had to process my sadness and slight feelings of being victimized.
Then another miracle happened. One of the three people I had had the most judgments of in my life called. Years ago I simply could not forgive him for a certain situation and it tormented me. A Rinpoche told me it was because I was falsely identifying with the loved one I perceived he was hurting. I later realized I was also perceiving her as a victim who could be harmed in a way that was not part of her soul path. I finally let it go and see him as completely innocent. Such sweet relief! Now his voice soothed me. I felt so calmed by him and knew it was true, the heavens rejoice when an ancient grievance is healed. His generosity of spirit lulled me back to calm.

One of these images is exactly what I was looking for yet do contain some wisdom although don’t agree with all of it completely.

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