such joy to close the gap

Beloveds, since committing to holy relationships March 2nd, a whole new opening has begun to unfold in my life. I realize that fear and grief and stopped me from committing fully to the thing that matters most to me, closing the gap, ending ALL separation between me and mySelf and me and others. Watching the sweet miracles of connection slowly begin to unfold is the richest treasure imaginable.
After three weeks of rather excruciating energies pummeling my body, I have popped through to such gratitude and feelings of connection. This is the first time that I was able to make the passage while never losing sight of the certainty that a gift was unfolding. Yet that level of awareness took its sweet time to be authentic. No matter. It takes as long as it takes. Trust the process. IT is so hard to recognize NOTHING IS WRONG. These energies are ancient wounds coming up for sacred integration.
Last year I surrendered one of my most precious egoic gifts. IT would seem small to all of you yet for me it was so hard to genuinely surrender, saying if I never get what I want here, ok, I am done with suffering so I give it over. Yet to witness now how the very thing i surrendered is now showing up in spades is beyond my wildest dream. Such sweet relief to finally have the courage to give more over, to dig out the last cr*p hiding in the bottom of the basement, to feel the resurrection of true Love and joining meeting me in unexpected places.
I just had three of the most grace filled day I have ever known. Yes I had three weeks of what felt like HELL. Wow, just realized the three days theme, so perfect for Easter, The crucification, the doubt then the Resurrection. Does your soul have an inkling of the majesty that is beginning to unfold? Can you feel the joy hiding beneath the layers of terror? Do you remember your own innocence? Nothing is wrong, you’ve done nothing wrong. Feel into that beloveds.

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