seeing innocence everywhere

Even though I have been a student of ACIM, AWOM, and ACOL for decades, I have been missing vital pieces of the puzzle. Here is the deal friends. We must own our innocence and this is best done by witnessing another’s innocence. EVERY judgment shoves us into separation and that does not feel good. If we judge the president, the economy, the environment etc. we are not only contributing to the problem, we are placing ourselves in separation.
This week I have had the opportunity to witness and forgive ever more subtle levels of judgment, from cars that cut me off and almost cause an accident by driving in unskillful ways, to someone speaking to me sharply, to someone being in a lot of drama, to the insurance company that does not appear to provide coverage, to witnessing others speak from a place that appears to be harsh; these are ALL opportunities for ME to forgive.

My biggest forgiveness opportunity is for how much I have judged myself for still being caught by spiritual ego. Ouch! The ouch comes not from how often I still can get lost in spiritual ego, rather it comes from the judgment that I should be further along than I am. I say BS to that. No more, so done with judgment of any kind. Since owning ever more subtle levels of judgment, a freedom is washing over me with incredible joy. In this moment my heart is singing with the vibrancy of joy.
My sweet sister Coreen was on fire today in our TTC group telling us it is time to Rise. Now not later. This is what brings me joy and meaning, to share how I see it is time to Rising as Love. I was so excited to create the name change for my website. We are Rising as Love. The time is now to have our voices be heard, to share authentically from our hearts.

Albert Einstein:“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

This is what I KNOW. I am not interested in what you are against, that energy just creates more problems, more separation. I want to know what you are for. Will you stand with me for peace, will you Rise with me for Love? That is what lights my heart on fire!

Mother Teresa: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

From that place in our hearts, all around us automatically shifts. This world will not change from raging against what we do not like, it will tilt on its axis when we extend love to all, see Innocence everywhere. One of the most powerful stories I ever heard was how someone I deeply respect was asked to help someone who had chronic debilitating headaches. When he joined with him, he was given the inner vision the man was abusing his stepdaughter. Check inside what arose from these words. Hatred? Rage? Fear? What this savior was able to do was see the man’s innocence. See what your reaction is to these words. Criminal, naive, absurd? The end of the story is the man never again abused his stepdaughter, that is to see innocence in action and that is how we create true change.

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