breaking the fear barrier

I have come to see the fear barrier as something like the sound barrier, some people seem to fear it is impossible to cross. I watched a movie about how many died until they were able to cross the sound barrier with a plane. IT was believed it was impossible. Or like the four-minute mile, just couldn’t be done until it was.
Fear seems to feel the same way to a lot of people. I like to ask people what finally gave them the courage and motivation to keep going no matter what. Often it is intense suffering. I felt like I had no choice if I wished to stick the planet. That used to feel like a curse yet I now see it as a blessing.
Our souls will often use whatever means necessary to wake us up. It may feel like the ante keeps being upped until we say Yes, and get on with it.
It also seems that all I survey have found a way back to faith. Most had to move beyond their disdain for old time religion with its fire and brimstone laced with guilt system of faith.
Two books that helped me decades ago to return to faith in something beyond myself were “The Game of Life and How to Play It” and “A Road Less Traveled.” I highly recommend finding a way back to faith in a HIgher Power, it is just too dang hard without it.

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