religion and fear, finding a new foundation

Another big thing coming up in my field of awareness. Fear/ego (edging God out.) With the exception of the few people I know who never seemed to have any “real” issues or challenges, everyone I know that has/ is breaking through the gravitational field of the egoic thought system has encountered major obstacles and resistance once they commit. The level of challenges varies. What I witness is the more challenges, the greater the intensity, the greater the possibility of quicker release. Everyone I know or read about hit this field of resistance where the ego kicks up a sh*t storm, trying to convince us to turn back, let go, give up, duck for cover. The courage I have seen in friends, students, clients is immense and I bow with gratitude.

I am witnessing those who are willing to pass on through and those who turn back, at least for now. The great irony is that when the intensity gets the greatest, we are the closest to breaking through. I find it difficult to witness when people get to a pinnacle of the challenge, then turn back. This can take such tremendous courage to go on. A lot that seems to be a determining factor has to do with faith, trust and a knowing there is something, Someone they can turn to, Who has their back. This makes the journey so much more graceful. So many were so screwed by the anti-life, guilt-inducing, sin shaming ways of religion that they have lost all trust in something beyond their own efforts. For these people, it takes so much courage to even begin to face these obstacles. I used to want to rant and rave at the way so many regions killed a belief in a higher power, at least for now. How do we find the courage to go it alone when the ego pulls out all the stops and throws one obstacle after another?

In my case, I had to take it one step at a time with my flickering faith to guide the way. While I still had lots of doubt, my foundation of Trust was enough to see me through. What to do when that foundation has been seemingly shattered? All I know to do is to turn it over and Trust unseen faith will lift those who need the backing until enough miracles occur to break the belief in what the five senses report. They only report what our mind believes, then our bodies obey. So hard to break that false belief. My love and prayers go out to all who are on that hero’s journey. I Trust that in the end, we will all prevail.

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