parenting in love

Interesting parenting story. Yesterday I was in a BAD mood as numerous things went “wrong”, expensive things like car, water heater, lights breaking down, lost cell phone, missing ID, lost order, canceled event I spent hours on, tragedy at the prison, intense stories of injustice I also heard regarding the court system. My divine reaction was to complain (thanks MAtt Kahn for helping me realize complaining is as divine as anything else) something I rarely do. I complained for 20 minutes straight to my daughter who also had had numerous things go other then planned, some serious yet she remained balanced and happy.
Yet this morning she was in a BAD mood, refused to get up, hate school etc. This was a huge problem years ago and I used to get angry and frustrated. I could feel all those old emotions want to take me over. I felt my chest tighten, my breath get more shallow. I could feel that old conditioning want to take me over. Yet I stayed alert enough to make another choice. This time I listened with compassion, returning the favor of holding her in loving care as she had held me the night before. I asked her what would help. She asked if she could go in an hour late to school as she was wickedly tired. I agreed. About 4 years ago we fought each morning about getting up until one morning I was so stressed I knew I had to do it differently. When I went inside I got the message to surrender. I kept asking what that meant and got, let her sleep. Now for me that was radical as I had been rather rigid about school, based on the way I was raised regarding education. So I let her sleep until she woke up around 11:30 that morning. We then went to school and that was the last time I ever had a challenge about getting up until this morning. When I held her with compassion, the inner response I got was to let her rest. I adore how my inner guidance now so often speaks rather then being driven by conditioning and rules as I was for so much of my life. Everything went smooth and all had a good day, unlike the drama of previous years.

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